Barbara Bayless Lacy

Barbara Lacy has been chosen by the Paradise Valley Arts Board to be the featured artist at Paradise Valley Town Hall for 2024. Her large Southwestern oil paintings depict Arizona’s missions, rivers, and valleys in brilliant tones and spectacular hues.

Matthew Bartsch 1971-2012

Matthew grew up in Phoenix, attended Shadow Rock UCC during his youth, and studied philosophy and art at the U of A, ASU, and Scottsdale Community College under Robert You. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries, restaurants, and the popular First Fridays. He was the first artist to graduate from Art Awakenings and his painting “ Angel Behind Bars” was chosen for the Spring 2009 edition of the medical journal “The Schizophrenia Bulletin “. His life was enriched by following his passion and bliss for art. He completed nearly 1000 paintings before his death at age 41.

Kathleen Stuart

Kathleen has been painting and creating all of her life. She majored in Fine Arts at the University of New Mexico and the University of Arizona. She has studied with many nationally recognized artists and has been teaching private watercolor classes for many years. Her paintings are in private and corporate collections throughout the United States.

Brett Timothy Morrison

Brett has always been interested in and appreciated all forms of art but has had no formal training.  In 2020 he discovered art as a release and path to his recovery from opioid addiction.  Through drawing the demons, he felt were inside, he has been able to release and recognize the cunning, powerful, and baffling disease of addiction.  His goal is to share his story through artwork and help others recognize their demons.   

Jan McLaughlin

Jan McLaughlin’s paintings have been described as realism with a soft touch. Primarily working in oil and/or alkyd paint on canvas, her subject matter has varied, but simplicity of design has remained a constant. Now semi-retired, she has been represented by galleries in Arizona, California, and New Mexico and exhibited at the Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale for seventeen years.     

Melanie Harman

I paint what appeals to me and change my working method to suit the subject matter. My primary medium is watercolor. I find that painting is very meditative and involves a lot of problem-solving which stimulates me and keeps me in my painting zone. Melanie has lived in Arizona since 1987.

Paul Ryan Butler

Paul Ryan Butler, aka P.ryan. My older work is inspired by old Hollywood movie stars. Newer pieces are inspired by nature and my love of animals. I create exclusively for myself, in hopes that it might appeal to others. Considered an “outside artist”, I received limited training through The Washington Studio School in DC. I very rarely show my work. I prefer to create, rather than “sell”. 

Jill Lacy

I live in Grand Junction on the Western Slope of Colorado. I have been painting large colorful flowers and landscapes and displaying them in Colorado galleries for over 10 years. I am the daughter of Barbara Lacy and the niece of Susan Glynn. I am proud and honored to support Shadow Rock Congregational Church, UCC for its wonderful 50th Anniversary.

Nancy Byer

I work primarily in oils, acrylics, and watercolors. In this collection, I’ve included three oil paintings and one acrylic painting. Art encourages me to look more carefully at the world around me and to discover the uniqueness and beauty in all of it. Living with art reminds us to slow down and allows us to reconnect with ourselves and nature.

Paul Trapp

After working for thirty years in high tech, Paul retired ten years ago and finally had the time to devote to his art. An artist that usually paints abstracts, the canvas for this show is happy pig (Pig 2) that represents a playful take on a barnyard staple.

Adrienne Pagel

About 5 years ago, Robert You challenged his SCC Chinese Calligraphy Class to take a chance and pursue an art education. “Who knows where it might lead you?” I accepted the challenge. The works submitted to the Shadow Rock Art Show are learning exercises about paint, color and life. Works sumbitted: Lemons, Michigan Winter, Vermillion Flycatcher, Africa 2 Birds and Africa Color.

Sandy Bonstelle

While my professional education has been in nursing, I’ve loved to draw and paint all my life. I’ve discovered that I love the process of working with art materials and art elements. Combining colors, values, textures, shapes, lines, and movements to make something that expresses who I am is exhilarating to me. When possible, I include figures in my work. However, I tend to abstract realistic subjects and most of my work is nonobjective. My paintings represent an effort of self-expression and an attempt to communicate with the viewer.

Monet Davis

Monet Stalle Davis, a 20+ year member of Shadow Rock UCC, rediscovered her love for creating art in 2015 when she started figure drawing other classes at the Phoenix Center for the Arts. She considers the creative process an exercise in problem-solving, storytelling, growth, and humility. Each medium poses its own series of challenges and offers a different way to interpret an image. The journey is as rewarding as the destination.

Matisse Davis

Matisse Davis, from an art-loving family, discovered and developed her artistic skills while at Thunderbird High School. Several of her works won awards at the Arizona State Fair.

Susanne Rothwell

Susanne Rothwell is an architect first and an artist hobbyist. Wither paintings her primary medium is oil paint, with watercolor as a close second. Susanne loves to paint from nature, flowers, trees, and birds providing common themes and inspiration. Both her building design and painting style reflect the warmth and outdoor culture of the Southwestern community in which she resides, while also tying in the fun-loving aspects of her Australian upbringing.

Phyllis Benson

I have been an artist for approximately 30 years. While my children were growing up, I was in the health care profession which kept me very busy. Once I retired ten years ago, painting on canvas became my major passion. My creations are either commissioned or I prefer to paint real life, locally or from other countries. Color, and a great deal of perfectionism go into each one of my paintings.


Civitan fine art group is made up of our members with developmental disabilities, ages 20 to 70ish, who have a higher interest in art. Most of their art is collaborative and some is individual. They are taught basic techniques like composition, mixing color, and values. As they progress, they work more independently and find themselves creating outside the box. When they sell one of their creations they become empowered and confident they have truly become a real artist.

Rick Larsen

Rick Larsen is an artist, writer, and performer living and working in Arizona. He is also a dad. He is not Banksy.

Suzie Black

Educated back east, with degrees in art education and art therapy, Suzie Black moved to Arizona in 1992 and then taught art while raising her two children on her own. Painting with energetic brush strokes and lively colors, Suzie’s images call to you from across the room. She currently focuses her work on large abstract pieces and teaches abstract painting at Scottsdale Artists’ School In Old Town, Scottsdale.

“Sunflower” Raffle – Donated by Kathleen Stuart

Kathleen Stuart has donated this piece for our Art Show. Raffle Tickets are available now. The drawing will be at the close of the art show on Sunday, December 3. Thank you, Kathleen! Purchase Raffle Tickets Here