What is Pick-A-Party?

This is our FRIEND-RAISER and FUN-RAISER that is also a FUND-RAISER for the church’s general budget. We offer Pick-A-Party every other year. Here’s how it works:

  • People donate a party to the church, meaning they host, plan, and pay for the party.
  • Other people sign up to attend the party, and pay the party fee directly to the church. Different parties cost different amounts to attend so there are plenty of options.
  • Then the host holds the party and everyone has a great time, making new friends and connecting with old ones!

About Hosting

Anyone can host a party, and it can be as elaborate or as simple as you like! You don’t even have to clean your house – feel free to host a picnic party at the park, a hiking party on your favorite trail, or meet up for coffee and a craft. There’s no limit to what you can dream up and we’ve had some wonderfully creative parties in years past. As a party host, you pay for any costs related to your party, and attendees pay directly to the church to attend. Scroll down to get this year’s Host Registration Form, which is due by August 31st.

About Attending

All are welcome to attend Pick-A-Parties (even friends who don’t attend Shadow Rock). The big day is Sunday, September 22nd. This is when all the various parties will be open for sign-ups, so you won’t want to miss it. Some parties fill up very quickly and have limited slots. Others are more open ended and can accommodate a big group. The 2019-2020 Party Catalog (which lists all parties, dates, costs, and other details) comes out right before the big launch on September 22nd, so watch out for it!

Questions about Pick-A-Party? Contact your friendly Pick-A-Party team (Abeth, Lois, or Heidi) and they’ll help you out.

Pick-A-Party 2019

What’s New for 2019-2020

We’ve been running Pick-A-Party for years now, and we’re always looking for ways to make it new and exciting, as well as more streamlined and simplified. Here’s what’s new this go-around:


  • The Big Preview Party! We’re so excited about our “pre-party” on Saturday, September 21st. This is a chance to come and check out all the party displays, hear from party hosts, enjoy a nice meal, and even win early sign-ups! You read that right – lucky winners will get first dibs on this year’s parties. Watch for more information about this exciting sneak-peak event in September.
  • Host Registration Forms are available online (see the link on this page) or on the Pick-A-Party Board in the parlor. They are due on August 31st.
  • If you are an e-giver, you are able to draft your party payments directly from your account! Please contact Heidi with questions.

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