It’s the year 2020… A couple of millennia ago, a dude named Jesus (or Yeshua or Josh) was coming of age. A few decades later, a prolific writer and evangelist named Paul, inspired by the brief ministry of Jesus, wrote down some stuff to guide fledgling spiritual communities. These writings included some vague notions about how to get along in the world of the Roman Empire. Paul’s ideas on the powers at work in the world inspired 20th century theologian and teacher Walter Wink. Oddly enough, these ideas continue to feel relevant – maybe especially relevant at this time, in this election year, in this culture.

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March 1 – JOS week 1
Spiritual Formation: The Domination System
How might we work to unmask the violence at the core of human culture and society? Is there work left to do around our worldview? How can we use metaphor and theology to connect rather than to divide?
Walter Wink obituary 
the parable “The Messiah is Among You”

March 8 – JOS week 2
Spiritual Formation: The Spiral of Violence
Can we sharpen our skills to better recognize the pattern of violence in culture and media? Is there anything The Good Guy is not permitted to do? Do we believe that violence is sometimes warranted to solve problems? If yes, what boundaries do we place on violence?
YouTube cartoons

March 15 – JOS week 3
Spiritual Formation: The Third Way of Jesus
How will we respond to the domination system? How do Jesus’ teachings provide encouragement for creativity, grace, and courage?
“The Opposite of Rape Culture is Nurturance Culture” essay

March 22 – JOS week 4
Spiritual Formation: Practical Nonviolence
What can we do to delay, prevent, or mitigate violence in our culture and in the world? How can creative approaches to justice increase our freedom?
“Transformative Justice, Explained” essay

March 29 – JOS week 5
Spiritual Formation: “What if…?”
How do we move away from the domination system and toward the vision of shalom proposed by Jesus? What will we do personally when confronted by violence?
6 Ideas for a Cop-Free World

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