Dear Friends and Members of Shadow Rock,
We’ll be honest, this was a tough letter to write.
Traditionally, this is the season for our annual Stewardship campaign. We speak about money and percentages, we talk of time and talents, and we turn in our pledge cards to begin the budgeting process for the next year.
And we will do so again this November, even with the challenges 2020 has brought. A pandemic. A fraught election cycle. Protests and unrest. Even with these added complications, Shadow Rock must look forward to next year and speak openly and honestly about our financial health.
It’s a tough needle to thread between keeping some sense of normalcy and routine amidst the chaos, and acknowledging that this year is totally unlike any other and things must be different.
We’re initially sending our estimate of giving card electronically this year. You’ll find the link at the end of this letter. As always, we ask you to prayerfully consider your contribution to Shadow Rock and fill out the card as soon as possible to help speed up our budgeting process. This is the normalcy aspect to the campaign. We must still make a budget. We must still make decisions on how to operate. We must still be good stewards of our resources.
But this year, we are also being good stewards of each other. As you support Shadow Rock, know that YOU are supported in return. Supported by the staff, the board, by your fellow congregants. We want to know how you are doing, and want you to know that you are loved and valued.
This is the aspect that is different. It has been easy for us in years past to check in with each other on Sunday mornings or at meetings and social gatherings. While stewardship at Shadow Rock has always been a two-way street, this aspect was never really emphasized because it was as simple as grabbing a cup of coffee at Coffee Chat, or shaking hands with a greeter or usher. We took for granted how easy it was to pop into a staff member’s office to chat, or catch up with a friend at a potluck.
So as the month goes on, you’ll also be getting information on ways to connect with Shadow Rock and your fellow congregants. These special opportunities for engagement will continue throughout November, and into the Advent season. We hope we will all find new and creative ways to connect with each other through this campaign.
Our theme for Stewardship 2021 is simply “Together.” We cannot be with each other, but we can still be for each other. We look forward to journeying on this campaign with you….together.
Your 2021 Stewardship Team,
Nanci Campbell
Abeth Spencer
Heidi Zinn
and Pastor Ken


Please don’t hesitate to contact Heidi in the finance office if you have questions about pledging or electronic giving, or would like more information about the budgeting process.

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